September 26, 2016

Increasing Fall Productivity in Small Businesses

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Another beautiful summer has gone by, and with the temperatures slowly dropping, it's time to start thinking about what is next. The fall season is known for family hayrides, pumpkin carving, apple picking and doughnut eating, but what does fall mean for your business? These wonderful distractions can take away from productivity and may lead to a lower return rate within your company. Keep the temperatures hot with these five tips for increasing fall productivity in your business.

  1. Encourage your employees to get a full night of sleep — at least seven hours. Recharging between busy days will increase awareness in the workplace and lead to fewer sick days.
  2. Incorporate healthy eating habits. If you have the means, provide fruits and veggies for your employees to enjoy during the workday. Turning to a healthy snack rather than that bag of chips in your briefcase will yield faster response rates and higher energy levels. Check out a list of healthy eats here.
  3. Control the temperature of your office space as much as possible. It will already be chilly outside — your space doesn't have to be the same way. Ask your employees what temperature levels they are most comfortable with and try to stick to it. According to, productivity is at its best when the temperature lies between 70–73 degrees Fahrenheit.
  4. Create a joyful environment with the décor of your workplace. Whether you have cubicles, open desk spaces, or separate offices, creating a cheerful area for your employees to work will allow creativity to flow and minds to relax. Integrate a pleasant and calming color scheme to commemorate the brighter days of the year. You might also consider adding bright art pieces, colored printer paper, and decorative plants.
  5. Urge your employees to attend social events outside of the 9–5 hours to cultivate fun and meaningful relationships with their co-workers. Employees who enjoy their co-workers positively affect office ambiance and overall productivity. They may enjoy coming into work more; making the shock from warm bed to cold floor a bit less frustrating. Just make sure those relationships stay professional and do not hinder their ability to get work done.

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