October 12, 2015

Mobile Home Tricks to Survive the Winter

A thermometer showing cold weather

If you're anything like me, you look forward to the cooler seasons of the year — a break from the heat and a little kiss on your nose from the chill is welcome. However, once that first cold morning hits, you often wish those days of humidity and heat were back with a passion. Here are a number of tactics to help you survive the cold and keep your toes warm in your mobile home this winter.

  • Reinsulate Your Walls

    Energy bills can be high in the winter. Since some mobile homes lack enough insulation, you can keep your costs low by reinsulating your walls. Purchase some thick insulation from your favorite home store and DIY like crazy.

  • Caulk

    Consider re-caulking and weather stripping the cracks and crevices around openings in your mobile home to decrease the air flow entering your cozy space.
  • Unplug Electronics

    When you aren't using an item, unplug it! We use more electricity powering our dormant electronics than during use. These savings can be applied toward your winter energy costs.
  • Let Sunlight In

    This form of heat is free, so when the sun is shining, make sure you open every blind and let that natural heat enter your space!
  • Invest in Energy-Efficient Window Treatments

    Consider investing in energy-efficient window treatments to keep the cold out and the heat in. A range of energy-efficient window treatments can be found here.
  • Use Ceiling Fans

    While this may sound contradictory to the objective, running your ceiling fan will actually increase air flow and push the heat that has risen back down to your level.

Button up your coat and your home, and you'll find the chilly months of the year can be truly enjoyable.

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