February 09,2017

After It Burned – Motorcycle Claims with Foremost

The Foremost® Claims Department is comprised of an award-winning team of insurance professionals who are there when you need them. Sharon, a motorcycle enthusiast and Foremost policyholder, who also happens to be a Foremost employee, experienced our superior claims service first hand after her garage caught fire and caused irreparable damage to her brand new motorcycle. This is her story!

Custom motorcycle parked on the side of the road

My husband and I always loved riding, but hadn't had a motorcycle in quite some time. After our kids grew up and left the house, we went all out and bought ourselves a special edition motorcycle from one of the top brands. Of course, both of us were extremely proud of the purchase, so we paid to store it in a heated garage for the winter and couldn't wait to get it out once the Michigan winter came to an end.

The day after we transferred our bike back to the home, our daughter stopped by and parked her car in front of the garage. As we were visiting with her inside our home, we saw neighbors running across the yard yelling, "Your house is on fire!" Somehow, my daughter's car had caught fire outside the garage. Unfortunately, the motorcycle and everything else in it suffered extreme heat and smoke damage, beyond repair. Luckily for us, the local fire department just happened to be training that day and were already dressed and ready when the call came in that our garage was on fire. If they hadn't been, we could have lost more than just our garage and motorcycle.

How ironic that you bring your brand new bike home from storage all winter and the next day it burns up?

I immediately called Foremost Claims, but didn't tell them I was a Foremost employee - I wanted to see if the great claims experience I talked about was really true! At that time, I specialized in motorcycle insurance. We'd gone through meetings and trainings about how great our claims experience was and I wanted to see for myself if it really was true.

The day after I called, the claims adjusters came out to look at the bike. They also invited a local expert who came over with a trailer. They were very quick and extremely fair on the value. The adjusters didn't just say, "Here's what the value is from this one site." They asked the local expert what the bike would have sold for had it not been damaged and checked websites to see what bikes like this were selling for. They considered many options before providing us with the claims check, which came the following week and was spot on!

I talked to the claims adjuster on the last day and told him I was a Foremost employee specializing in motorcycle insurance. Imagine his surprise! I told him how satisfied I was and that I could proudly get back on the phone and testify that our claims adjusters are absolutely outstanding and fair when it comes to a claim.

I'm proud to not only be a biker, but a Foremost employee that knows our customers are well-taken care of and back on the road as soon as they can.

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