November 17, 2018

How to beat motorcycle winter blues

Motorcycle parked outside and covered in snow

If you live in a climate that makes it tough to ride your motorcycle during the winter months, the cold days can drag on for what seems like forever. But, take heart. You can get through these months by incorporating some fun motorcycle-related activities into your weekly plans.

Check out some ideas that will help chase away your motorcycle winter blues:

  1. Plan a brief trip to a motorcycle museum. A quick search on the Web will show you the ones closest to you. They often showcase some of the first motorcycles on the market and will give you a close-up look at rare collections you may not have known ever existed.
  2. Immerse yourself in motorcycle magazines. You can pick up some great tips and stay on top of all the latest motorcycle news.
  3. Start planning for your summer motorcycle road trips. Which states haven’t you ridden to yet? Where are the scenic stops you will make? What hotels or campgrounds will you stay in?
  4. Find a summer rally you can plan to attend. Talk to your riding friends and see if they want to join you.
  5. Relax on the couch and watch classic motorcycle movies and TV shows.
  6. Shop for some motorcycle accessories and new safety gear. You’ll probably get some good deals this time of year.
  7. If you have a heated garage, invest in a fixer-upper bike that you can tinker with while staying warm indoors.
  8. Join an online motorcycle community where you can talk with fellow bikers about everything motorcycle. You’ll find ones that cater to riders of your specific bike, ones for veterans, those currently serving in the military and lots more.
  9. Take an online rider safety course just to brush up on the basics.
  10. Throw a party for your fellow biking friends where you can reminisce about all the amazing rides you’ve taken and make future riding plans.

Keeping busy with all these ideas will make the winter days fly by and you’ll be more than ready to hop on your bike next spring.

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Noelle Kimble

Noelle is a social media specialist for Foremost and a safety expert, which is perfect since she works for an insurance company! She's always looking for new ways to safeguard her home, make sure her motorcycle helmet is as protective as possible and passionately communicate how dangerous texting and driving really is. She's always up for sharing usable tips to help others be safety crazy too. But, maybe not quite as crazy as her.

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