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Noelle Kimble

Noelle is a social media specialist for Foremost and a safety expert, which is perfect since she works for an insurance company! She's always looking for new ways to safeguard her home, make sure her motorcycle helmet is as protective as possible and passionately communicate how dangerous texting and driving really is. She's always up for sharing usable tips to help others be safety crazy too. But, maybe not quite as crazy as her.

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Ryker Huizinga

Ryker is a multimedia storyteller with interests in writing, video, photography and design. He is on a quest to visit all of the U.S. national parks, and is almost always planning his next camping trip. Combining passions for travel and creative communication, he draws from his experiences to share stories of safety and adventure.

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Jenean McLoskey

Jenean is a communications specialist at Foremost, and a veteran of the news industry. She has a Multi-Media Journalism degree and a passion for writing. Through her news career she's learned to respect Mother Nature and has been through many weather-related adventures, including driving in heavy snow and extreme season changes. In her free time she enjoys bike riding, traveling, and trying out new restaurants. Be sure to check out her blog posts for the latest safety tips on anything and everything you might need to know on your own adventure!

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Niki King

Niki is a Communications Associate at Foremost. She has studied advertising, marketing, art and journalism. She enjoys learning and trying new things, especially food and DIY projects. Her other interests include volleyball, kayaking, and other outdoor activities with friends and family. She's always had a creative mind and is eager to share stories and the endless ideas running through her head.

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Kaitlin Cassell

Kaitlin is a Communications Intern at Foremost. Following her passion of connecting with others, she is studying Spanish and Writing. She enjoys all outdoor activities, especially when she can bring her dog! She loves listening and learning from her community and hopes to one day share their stories with the world.

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The Foremost Insurance Guy

The Foremost Insurance G uy

In the time that I've been with Foremost I've been called all types of names: salesman, director, vice-president, Cuidado Caliente. But after talking with thousands of agents and consumers all over the country for over 30 years, I'm most often recognized as simply "The Foremost Insurance Guy."

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Foremost Creative Team

Foremost Creative Team

Here at Foremost, we are packed full of product specialists, creative marketers, stellar writers and much, much more! We love what we do and want to share it with you. So, read up and watch on for the newest trends and the interesting parts of insurance we bring to you right here on our blog. Yes, we did say interesting parts of insurance. Keep reading and watching, you'll see!

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